AmazingMall Africa is an online marketplace that enables locally owned small businesses to thrive so that local communities can prosper. We sell quality African brands ranging from food, beverages, clothes, footwear, accessories, beauty, personal care, stationery & more. We bring African entrepreneurs together in one platform and cherry pick businesses that are built upon personal effort, passion and integrity so that you can buy and enjoy quality products hassle free in a trusted and secure platform. Lastly a portion of all sales we make are donated to the South African Reforestation Trust to help save the earth by planting trees.

Our vision 

To offer customers a seamless, personalized and secure online shopping experience while accentuating the "Customer is King" mantra. We aim to become the best seller of African products locally and globally and to create an ecosystem that will open up new markets for African entrepreneurs.

Our mission

Africa is a lean economy and with the digital transformation we aim to use eCommerce to help eradicate poverty in rural areas throughout Africa and to build an ecosystem that will allow African entrepreneurs to produce quality brands and sell them to anyone in the world, at any given time. We are also aiming to use block-chain technology by accepting crypto currency as one of our payment methods because crypto currency has the potential to bank the unbanked people in poor economies by giving them access to financial services. This will in turn enable anyone at any location and income group to have access to buy products from our marketplace and support small businesses.